Updated Terms of Use (TOU) for Silo Labs

We have asked Silo Lab’s Counsel, Morrison Cohen, to review Silo Labs’ Terms of Use (TOU) and make the necessary adjustments. The following is the recommended version that we will implement once governance approves it.

We ask $SILO token holders and users of Silo’s lending app to review the document carefully and provide feedback in the governance forum.

Silo Labs - Terms of Use
PS: You don’t need to be logged in to google to read the document. By viewing the document, you are NOT sharing any data, including your email address.

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I had a question, what is the legal relationship between Silo Labs, Silo DAO, Distributed Coders, etc?

Which entity is the user agreeing with? Silo Labs Inc (Delaware)?

If I read it right, the governing law is both the Federal and State law in NY State, USA, but the arbitration interpreting those laws is in the Cayman Islands?

Thank you

Silo Labs and Silo DAO are the same entity. Names are used interchangeably. The user agrees to Silo Labs’s TOU.

Silo Labs is incorporated in the Cayman Islands, not Delaware. There is not an entity named " Silo Labs Inc (Delaware)"

The governing law is Federal and State law in NY State, USA, but the venue is the Cayman Islands.

Ok than you for the clarification.

(I did not mean that Delaware was part of the name of the company, only that that was the jurisdiction I was referring to)