Launch of Silo on other L2 (zksync, Linea, Scroll)


I am a happy user of Silo on Arbitrum and I love the concept of Silo pool and immutable contract.

I would like to lend more capital on other L2.
Lot of people are trying to get airdrop on Zksync, Linea, Scroll, Base and are using basic lending protocol (forks of compound v2 or Aave v2).

It would great if you could launch on other L2 because Silo could get lots of users on other L2 chains.


You could also launch a market
OP / ETH / USDC on optimism
Metis / ETH / USDC on Metis
MNTL /ETH / USC on Mantle

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Great suggestion, this is actually the plan right after V2. We are currently in first audit, we have more audits, audit competitions, and formal verification coming. After V2 is launched our plan is to focus on going further crosschain + creating custom feeds for esoteric assets.

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Thanks for you answer