Welcome to Silo Governance Forum!

Welcome to the Silo Governance Forum!

Here is a quick outline of how the governance process works.

  1. Submit a post under Proposal Discussion. The goal is to gauge the community’s interest and build consensus.

  2. Get in touch with prominent members of the Silo community to discuss your proposal. You can do that in our discord Server under #proposal-discussion channel. You can also discuss your proposal during Silo Weekly that takes place every Thursday at 3:00 PM UTC on the Discord Stage.

  3. If you believe your proposal has traction, create a formal proposal under the Snapshot Proposals section in the Governance Forum. You can use this proposal template.

  4. A formal proposal needs a snapshot vote. This is important to formally measure consensus. Either you or someone in the community can publish a snapshot vote. Once the snapshot is created, attach it to your formal proposal and ask Silo team to publish it via the official channels.

  5. Once the snapshot vote is passed, you, or a member of the community, will create an on-chain vote. On-chain votes are needed for proposals concerning moving the DAO’s assets.

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There are a few things you should know before jumping into the discussion:

Please read the forum rules and FAQ! They contain advice on how to be a productive community member.

Thank you.

Inspired by Uniswap governance