Executive proposal to replace rDPX oracle

DIA has deployed a new oracle for rDPX. The new oracle reads rDPX price from 3 sources and is considered more resilient than rDPX’s current Uniswap V3 oracle.

We propose the following:

View executive transaction.

Next steps
We will update this governance proposal with an executive transaction to affect the change.

Reminder of our Governance process on Arbitrum

  • Create a proposal in #proposal-discussion. Wait 24H before moving forward.
  • Run a snapshot vote to gauge consensus and move proposal to execution.
  • If a proposal passes, the Core Team publishes an executive proposal in #arbitrum-executive-proposals containing a link - or attachment - to an executable transaction in addition to a description of that the transaction executes.
  • The executive proposal stays unexecuted for at least 24H before it is signed into affect. This is 1 day shorter from that on Mainnet. We can also use 2 days if the community prefers that.