Update interest rate configs for Bridge USDC across multiple markets (Arbitrum)


If the proposal meets no objections, we will affect the following changes:

  • Change interest rate configs for USDC from stableHighCap to stableHighCapV2 in the following markets: $ARB; DPX; OHM; MAGIC; wstETH; GMX; wBTC; rETH.
    Image 2 displays APRs at different utilization points.

  • Update interest rate configs for USDC from stableHighCap to volatileOpt80Base15 in the following markets: GNS; rDPX; JONES; PREMIA; UMAMI; UNI; CRV.
    Image 3 displays APRs at different utilization points.


  • Higher borrow APRs for USDC will likely stimulate the growth of our biggest markets (ARB, OHM, etc.)
  • Risky assets should have steeper interest rates congruent with the risk USDC depositors take on.
  • For assets characterized by low AMM liquidity, having steep rates will likely discourage large borrowing beyond a certain point, protecting the solvency of those markets.

How IR curves compare

  • stableHighCap sets conservative interest rates (APRs) - Image 1
  • stableHighCapV2 sets moderate interest rates (APRs) - Image 2
  • volatileOpt80Base15 sets aggressive interest rates (APRs) - Image 3

stableHighCap: Conservative Interest Rate curve

stableHighCapV2: Moderate Interest Rate curve

volatileOpt80Base15: Aggressive Interest Rate curve

Suggested changes

Market Curent USDC IRM Type New USDC IRM Type
ARB stableHighCap stableHighCapV2
DPX stableHighCap stableHighCapV2
OHM stableHighCap stableHighCapV2
MAGIC stableHighCap stableHighCapV2
wstETH stableHighCap stableHighCapV2
GMX stableHighCap stableHighCapV2
GNS stableHighCap volatileOpt80Base15
rDPX stableHighCap volatileOpt80Base15
JONES stableHighCap volatileOpt80Base15
PREMIA stableHighCap volatileOpt80Base15
UMAMI stableHighCap volatileOpt80Base15
UNI stableHighCap stableHighCapV2
rETH stableHighCap stableHighCapV2
CRV stableHighCap volatileOpt80Base15
wBTC stableHighCap stableHighCapV2