Silo's incentive program season 2

Incentive program season 2
Incentive program season 1 has been a success. The program ends on May 13, 2023.

The following post proposes an improved and scaled version of incentive program dubbed as Season 2. The program will run on Ethereum and Arbitrum.

The program will work as a bridge until veSILO is introduced with a comprehensive emission program - don’t fish for details, :slight_smile:

SUMMARY: Silo’s incentive program season 2
Value & duration
Program duration (month) 6
Program cost (6 months) $410,550.00
Program monthly value $68,425.00
Program start date May 13, 2023
Program end date November 10, 2023
How to source $SILO incentives? Gradual, unannounced market buybacks
Funding the program (Monthly)
Monthly projected revenue (LPing) $35,000.00
Monthly projected revenue (Protocol fees) $4,000.00
Marketing budget $29,425.00

Incentive allocations
Review incentive allocation and share your thoughts by replying to this proposal or posting in our Discord community - proposal channel

Next steps

  • Community deliberation
  • Apply changes if applicable
  • Move to a snapshot proposal
  • Deploy finalized program on May 13, 2023

Great rewards scheme, looking forward to future projects coming online

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