Silo Arbitrum Revenue-Buyback Proposal

Silo Arbitrum Revenue Buyback Proposal


  • Use SiloDAO’s revenue that was realized on Silo Arbitrum to execute a $100,000 TWAP buyback over two months utilizing CowSwap.
  • Following the two months, claim Silo Arbitrum protocol revenue to execute TWAP SILO buybacks every month.


Recently, the DAO executed its first revenue claim, accruing just over $300,000 in revenue, of which ⅓ or ~$91,000 came solely from Arbitrum. We propose to use revenues generated from Silo Arbitrum to market-buy $SILO using CowSwap’s TWAP feature over the next 2 months.

To make the buyback program continuous, we propose to use Silo Arbitrum monthly protocol revenue via regular claim-buyback actions using CowSwap’s TWAP feature on Mainnet. The proposal aligns with the previous proposal to perform buybacks to fund future incentive programs.

Voting Options

  • For
  • Against

looks good i choose for

Can we perform TWAP buybacks on Arbitrum? to my knowledge, CowSwap is not available on Arbitrum but I am not sure if there are secure, alternative solutions on Arbitrum.

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Is there a better way to use these funds? Given that one of the main value propositions of having isolated lending markets is that it allows people to effectively trade coins as if they are on leverage, is there a way to build a perps/derivatives-like product/ui on top of Silo that uses silo lending pools on the backend but looks and feels like trading perps?



Glad you’ve brought this up - here’s some alpha. Our friends at are building exactly this, code is all done just waiting for them to audit it with ABDK. This is coming soon tho!