Migrate Arbitrum Liquidity to Camelot

Migrate Arbitrum Liquidity to Camelot


  • This proposal seeks to move 420K ~ SILO/ETH POL from Sushiswap to Camelot.

  • The Camelot team will match 3K of $SILO Incentives 1:1 with xGRAIL.

  • The deal with Sushiswap has not flourished. We hope to collaborate with them in the future.

Core Proposal

This proposal aims to migrate SiloDAO’s Arbitrum POL and allocated DEX incentives to Camelot. In exchange for making Camelot our official DEX on Arbitrum, the team has agreed to support us in the following way:

  • Silo will join the Camelot Round Table (with relevant marketing) alongside their network of protocols, the like of GMX, Jones, Vela, Buffer, and a ton more.
  • Camelot will match incentives 1:1 with Silo, our initial campaign will count on $3,000 from each partner. Silo will provide SILO rewards and Camelot will provide xGRAIL to the SILO/ETH pool.
  • Support to construct custom rewards structures for the liquidity pool using their Nitro Pool infrastructure. Nitro pools allow you to add incentives in a highly custom way (e.g, they could enable a pool that only rewards LPs that have locked for >3 months)
  • Dynamic AMM fees that would allow you to have a very specific fee approach for your pools (e.g 0.3% buy fee and 0.5% sell fee)

We believe Camelot has a strong position as the market leader on native Arbitrum token liquidity, and the move would be not only economical but also provide us with great ongoing mindshare/marketing. There is also great synergy between the protocols and a wide array of collaborations could be further explored in the future. The Camelot and Silo team both have a ton of ideas and look forward to building on these in the future.


Yes - Move to Camelot

No - Don’t move it


Supporting this proposal.

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