[Proposal] What is Oracle and role of Oracle on Defi!

  • Content format: Video
  • Topic : Oracle on Defi
  • Goal : Update knowledge about what is Oracle and role of Oracle on Defi
  • A brief about yourself : I am kiss and I have been on Crypto feild for 4 years. Currently, I’m Silo’s Community Contributors.
  • Contact details : kiss12114#7159

We need to understand what you intend to include in the video. It’s also good to highlight how lending protocols rely on oracles.

In fact, my brainstorm for video is:

  • What is Oracle ?
  • Why Oracle is important
  • How lending rely on Oracles

I suggest you first work on the script and share it with us before you produce the video. We are looking to publish high-quality, in-depth contributions only. We will make sure to provide you with feedback.

Sure Aiham, I will work first on script and wait for feedback from team.

We just opened #Solstice discord channel. You can discuss proposal with the team and community members.